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Truevail 2.0 – Email Authentication & Website Migration (Mandatory Read – Action Required by March 20th)

February 28, 2023 | Uncategorized

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Hello Truevail Members! We have some exciting news for you, but first we would like to note that this post is a mandatory read for all of our Newsletter and Website subscribers. Your action/response is required at the end of this article.

What is Truevail 2.0?

Truevail is launching a new fully integrated marketing platform this year. We are currently calling this platform Truevail 2.0. In Truevail 2.0 all of Truevail’s services will be combined into a user-friendly dashboard, providing members with easy access to manage and view their services from a single location. While Truevail 2.0 has been in development for the past 6 months, we are beginning to take the first steps to create accounts for all of our clients. In this initial setup transition we will be offering members to add Email Authentication to their newsletter plan.

What is Email Authentication?

Email authentication is an important security feature that helps protect email users from phishing scams, spam, and other forms of malicious emails. It works by verifying that the sender of an email message is who they claim to be and ensuring that the message has not been tampered with in transit.

Setting up Sender Email Authentication within the Truevail 2.0 platform will allow us to authenticate your newsletter campaign ‘From’ email address. This will allow us to send authenticated email campaigns from your preferred email address such as This authentication will remove the ‘Sent on Behalf of’, ‘Via’, or ‘Unverified’ header from your sender email address. The unauthenticated header is displayed differently between different email browsers.

To add email authentication to your new Truevail 2.0 account, we will need to update your DNS records.

What are DNS Records?

DNS records are like instructions stored on a computer that tell the internet where to find a website or other internet resource. They help route internet traffic to the right places, and make sure that websites and email work properly. Different types of DNS records provide different kinds of information, like the address of a website, the mail server responsible for email, or other useful details. DNS records are usually stored your domain host (website address host) – such as GoDaddy, Google Domains, Etc.

Creating Email Authentication for Newsletter Subscribers

Email Authentication is created by adding text records (DNS Records) to a domain (web address) that you own. To add these records, you will need to own a domain for your business and Truevail will need access to your domain host account.

Our team will either need admin access via login credentials or you can add as an admin/delegate on your domain host account.

What happens if I do not own a domain or use my host agency’s email address?

If you do not currently own a domain thats okay. We can continue sending out your email newsletters for you how we always have, utilizing the ‘Sent on Behalf of’ header. We can always authenticate your domain in the future if you decide to purchase a domain for your business.

Website Migrations for Website Subscribers

The Truevail team will be migrating all Truevail built websites to our new platform over the course of the year. This will also require us to make changes to your domain DNS records which will require us to access those records when ready to migrate your website.

DNS Hosting and Migration

As an added benefit, the new Truevail 2.0 platform can host your DNS records for you. This means you will be able to manage and make changes to your DNS records within our new easily accessible Truevail 2.0 dashboard. For clients that would like to take advantage of the added benefit of DNS hosting, we can migrate your Truevail 2.0 account host your records during our email authentication process and website migration process.

Is it Required that Truevail Hosts My DNS Records?

For Newsletter SubscribersNo – We can update your records where they are currently hosted to add email authentication. The main benefit for hosting your DNS records at Truevail for newsletter subscribers is just ease of access through the Truevail 2.0 platform. Our team will also be able to provide you with IT assistance for your DNS records.

For Website SubscribersYes and No – Our new Amazon web servers have a unique system that adds some limitations if we use a 3rd Party DNS host. To be able to directly access the non-www version of your website ( we will need to host your records. If we do not host your records, that is still okay, but if a visitor goes to the non-www version of your site ( they will be redirected to the www version of your site (

What Happens If I Cancel My Truevail Membership and My DNS Records are Hosted at Truevail?

We can continue to host your records at no cost to you, we can also help you migrate your records back to where they were previously hosted for you at no cost.

Will Truevail 2.0 Cost More?

No, our current clients will be grandfathered into your current pricing structure.

Mandatory Next Steps (Your Action is Required)

For us to set up your new Truevail 2.0 account for future access, we require that you fill our our response form at the link below for us to proceed with your account creation and setup.

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