How It Works

At Truevail, we offer travel advisors an all-in-one marketing platform that is as comprehensive as it is customizable. You can select and adjust your marketing mix to suit your evolving needs, ensuring that your brand's presence is not only felt but remembered. Experience the convenience of having a dedicated team support every aspect of your journey from sign-up to content delivery.

Account Setup

Begin with Truevail:

Register with Truevail and provide us with information about yourself.

Contact info, business name, host agency, etc.

Set up an account/private login on our Truevail Platform 

A quick 2-minute process


Tailor Your Marketing suite

Select what services you’d like to use.
Choose between one or all: Email Newsletter, Social Media, and Website*

Additional fees apply for website design and purchase – Learn More

Control Your Content Delivery

Select your newsletter content frequency:
1 Newsletter a month, 2 Newsletters a month, or none.

Newsletter service is optional

Select your social media post frequency:
10 posts per month, 15 posts per month, 28-31 posts per month (daily), or none. 

Social media service is optional

Personalize Your Profile

Customize your content by providing branding colors, logo and a headshot photo. Upload your contact list

Our design team will create your branded newsletter campaigns and list based on this information

Seamless Social Integration

Connect your Instagram and/or Facebook Business Page accounts.

This allows our team to pre-schedule your content

Submit your custom social media brand hashtags so we can include them on your social media posts. 

Every social media post will personalized with your brand hashtag(s)


Preview & review Your Newsletter

After you submit your account setup personalization you’ll receive a preview of your first month’s newsletter content to review and approve.

You will receive your preview within 5 business after your submission

Optional Introduction Newsletter

You have the option to send an Introduction Newsletter letting your contacts know they’ll be receiving travel inspiration from you. 

Already sending newsletters to your contacts? You can skip the Introduction Newsletter and can start sending the monthly inspiration newsletters immediately.

Select your social media post frequency:
10 posts per month, 20 posts per month, 30 posts per month, or none. 

Social media service is optional

Customize to Suit

Review and request any edits or additions to align with your brand’s voice.

Want to remove a section or rewrite a paragraph? No problem. We’ll make those changes. You can also submit a custom intro or outro and we’ll add it to your newsletter.

See Your Content in Action

Approve the final versions and watch as your expertly crafted content is published.

Once we get your approval, we’ll schedule your newsletter for you!

Log into your the Truevail dashboard to view real-time campaign analytics.

Gain insights and engage with your contacts.

Lead Magnet
Opt-in Forms & Landing Page

Effortless Lead Generation

Get access to our complimentary lead magnet: a professionally designed Travel Trends Guide that showcases the must-visit destinations for the year.

Attract potential clients and establish your authority as a leading travel expert. 

Opt-In Form Integration with Lead Magnet - Our team will provide multiple options for a branded opt in code for your website and can help install if needed. 

Say hello to capturing new leads effortlessly

Landing page with Lead Magnet - Our team will provide a landing page.

Elevate your online engagement

Social Media

Monthly social media planning

A week before the first of the month, you’ll receive a notification letting you know your social media posts have been scheduled and are ready to review. 

We schedule your social media posts a month at a time


Login to your Truevail Dashboard and review your social media posts.

Our posts are viewable on a monthly calendar, just click a post and view the photo/caption

Review, edit and remove any social media posts if desired.

Our content captures a wide range of destinations and travel experiences. If you wish to remove a post that doesn’t resonate with your brand, easily remove from your calendar

Consistently show up on your clients' social media feeds with travel inspiration without having to worry about creating or scheduling content. 

Social media just got a lot less stressful

Add-on Service: Website Design
& Hosting

Website Designs & Hosting

Choose from a sleek single page or an extensive 7-page website tailored to your brand's narrative.

Our designs blend Storybrand strategy with visual appeal for a captivating online presence. 

Fill out our Website Personalization Form so our design team has all the elements to build your website. 

Form includes logo, brand colors, bio details, headshot, favorite destinations and photo choices. 

Our team will send you a preview link of your brand new website to review and edit.  

Turnaround time for websites is approximately 5 weeks.

Once approved, our team will help connect your custom domain and your website will go live!

Add-on Service: Logo Design

professional logo design

Collaborate with our team of experts to craft a logo that encapsulates your brand's essence.

Develop a unique logo that stands out.

Fill out a logo questionnaire so our design team has all the information to bring your vision to life. 

Color choices,

Our team will send a range of logo options for you to select from.

Enjoy the flexibility of unlimited revisions to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Join Truevail and transform your marketing from time-consuming to time-celebrating. Let’s inspire together.