Inspire your social media followers and sell more travel services without lifting a finger (or spending a fortune).

Grow your travel advisor business on autopilot with gorgeous, inspiring social media posts created and published for you every month.

Done-for-You Social Media
Content Every Week

Created & Managed BY and FOR
Travel Professionals

The Most Affordable Way to
Grow with Social Media

All of your potential clients are on social media looking for travel inspiration, but there’s a problem…

Too TimE

You don’t have the time to create and post social media content every week.

Must be a
Branding Expert

You’re worried your posts won’t look or sound good and you’ll give a bad impression about your brand.


You’ve tried to be active on social media, but end up being inconsistent, making your followers forget about you.

Need To Create Engaging Content

You don’t know how to create the kind of content that gets people to engage and eventually become clients.

Too Costly to Hire a Specialist

You can’t afford to hire a full-time social media marketing specialist, especially one who understands the travel industry.

With Truevail’s Done-for-You content creation and management, you’ll never have to worry about creating, posting, or scheduling inspiring content.

Spend your time serving your clients while we create, schedule, and post inspiring and engaging social media content on your behalf.

Effortlessly engage your social media following every month.

Get gorgeous, action-oriented content posted for you that makes people excited to work with you.

Build trust in your brand by showing up consistently, week after week.

Make your travel brand stand out from the crowd of “average” travel advisors.

Grow your business for a fraction of the cost of other social media marketing services.

Growing your travel advisor business with social media marketing has never been easier - or more affordable.

Social Media Travel Advisor

Want to see just how amazing your social media posts will be?

Enhance Your online presence with Our flexible Social Media services. Whether you're looking for fully managed content creation or prefer a more hands-on approach, we have options tailored to fit your needs: 

A: Choose between 10, 15 or 30 posts a month, created and scheduled for you monthly.


B. Have the posts drafted in your account. You’ll have the ability to access/review posts and choose which to schedule on your own.

C. Don’t use our social media content, but use our social media scheduler (similar to Connect your social media accounts and have the ability to pre-schedule and plan your own content.

ALL posts are guaranteed to be:

  • Eye-catching
  • Engaging
  • Interesting
  • Action-oriented

Click the button below for a sample of what your social posts could look like.

Instagram Travel Advisor Page

Nearly all of your potential clients are on social media everyday.
Are you?

Most travel advisors struggle to find the time to post on social media everyday. Even then, many are hesitant because they don’t have confidence in their ability to create engaging content, much less do it consistently. Each week that passes means more impressions, reactions, clicks, messages, and real leads that are left behind.

Social media is where people look for inspiration - for ideas, destinations, plans, tips, tricks, and more - for travel. EVERY. DAY. All you have to do is show up, get their attention, and call them to action.

Truevail makes social media marketing as easy as possible for travel advisors - we do it for you!

And we make social media marketing surprisingly affordable - a small fraction of the cost of hiring someone to do it, much less finding a travel professional.

Best of all, Truevail’s social media content is created BY travel industry professionals FOR travel industry professionals. We know what inspires people when it comes to travel, and we’ll make every post irresistible to your followers.

Imagine having inspiring, engaging content posted on your social media accounts monthly while you spend all your time serving your new clients.

Well, you’re just a click away from making it a reality in your travel business.

Ready to see how easy and affordable it really is?

Social-Media For Travel Advisors

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your Cancellation Policy?

Your subscription is month to month, and you can cancel anytime, with no penalties or additional charges. 

What are the next steps after I sign up?

After joining our social media services, you'll activate your account, detail your brand identity for tailored content, choose your posting frequency, and have the chance to review and approve everything. It's a seamless transition to an elevated social presence. For a complete guide, visit our How it Works page.

Do I need a social media account to start?

Yes, you will need a Facebook Business account plus an Instagram account (optional). We can help create these for you during our setup call if you do not have them set up.

What social media accounts do you post to?

Currently, we only post to Facebook Business Pages and Instagram as our content is catered to these specific platforms. The ability to connect additional social media services will be available soon. 

How many monthly posts do you provide and schedule?

With our social media management, you decide the rhythm of your online presence. Opt for daily posts to keep your audience consistently engaged, every other day for steady communication, or every three days for a regular yet unhurried update cycle. We align our content creation with your chosen pace, ensuring quality and relevance.

How will you schedule my posts?

When you sign up with Truevail, you authenticate/connect your social media accounts to our scheduling platform on our Truevail Dashboard. This allows our team to schedule your content on the platform without having to login to your individual Social Media accounts. 


How far in advance are posts scheduled?

Posts are scheduled in advance for the entire calendar month. At the end of each month you’ll receive an email notification to let you know your posts are ready to review for the following month.

I want to schedule my own social media posts. Do I have to use the content Truevail provides?

No. If you prefer a more hands-on approach, you can connect your social media accounts to our platform and have the ability to pre-schedule and plan your own content. 

Can I create or schedule my own posts on the Truevail App?

Yes, you have full access to your social media scheduling account and can add your own custom content in addition to the provided posts.

Can I edit or delete scheduled posts?

Yes, you can edit/remove any posts before they are published. If already published, you will need to edit/delete them in the social media platform they were posted to. We encourage our clients to edit post captions to add your own voice, personal experiences, and call to actions.

What kind of social media content do you create?

The social media posts are specific to travel advisors, and generally focuses on travel destinations, travel trends, different styles of travel, hotels and hot destinations, etc. We pay attention to major world events to ensure our posts accurately reflect the current state of travel. Currently, we only create photo based content for our standard plans to keep our plans affordable.

I want to post my own content. Do other travel advisors get the same content?

Yes, the images and captions are the same. However, your posts are customized with your brand hashtags and are scheduled at random dates and times.

What are brand hashtags?

Brand hashtags are your own unique hashtags for your business. We add these to every posts for you. These help add brand recognition and make your posts feel authentic.

How do I view post performance and analytics?

You will have access to post analytics on your Dashboard. For Facebook analytics, login to your Facebook (Meta) Business Suite (

Join Truevail and transform your marketing from time-consuming to time-celebrating. Let’s inspire together.