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Nothing but love

Before becoming a travel advisor, I spent over a decade in marketing and content creation for luxury hotels and resorts, but I still use Truevail for power marketing my travel business. They know exactly what the luxury client wants, and streamline both deployment and measurement at a cost far lower both in time and dollars than if I were to DIY. It's a classic spend money to make money problem, and Truevail is an easy example of funds well spent — just one new trip or client covers the cost of an annual membership.

McLean R.

Founder, Lily Pond Luxury

Affiliate, Travel Edge

I have safely put my direct marketing in the hands of Truevail to produce insightful, educational and interesting material to keep my clients inspired and reminded of me! I am not a writer so Truevail has allowed me to focus on what I do best; travel planning and not worrying about what to write and tell my clients about this month!

Shelley R.

Affiliate, Largay Travel

I partnered with Truevail in designing my website. They had a very systematic approach to collecting all the details from me and then when they were done doing their magic, what came out was an amazing website that I get a lot of compliments on. The communication has been very easy and prompt all along. They come up with options or alternate solutions for every request you email them about, in a very timely manner. Their newsletters are very trendy with beautiful imagery and cover the current travel industry scenario well. Truevail is a pleasure to do business with.

Sridevi C.

Owner, Storybook Getaways 
Affiliate, Strong Travel

It has been terrific working with Truevail ... They are very organized and helped me with a website and marketing monthly newsletter. I like how we can ask any question and get a quick response. Since I am not so technical, this has been a great way to get the word out for my clients. I would highly recommend working with Anthony and Truevail!

Judi Glass

Affiliate, McCabe World Travel

I could not be happier with Truevail's messaging. I've spent hours working on newsletters in the past and only found the time to create three or four a year. I’m grateful for the reasonable pricing, quality product, and providing the right messaging at the right time. Clients love it too!

Linda S.

Founder, Far and Away Luxury Destinations
Affiliate, Travel Leaders

“You had us at Hello!” From the very first minute of the very first meeting we were convinced we needed the help to revamp and streamline our website. Before, our site was complicated and confusing. Now it is sleek, clean, simple and concise. Truevail knows what a travel advisor needs above and beyond that of other web design companies.

At the same time, we knew we needed a newsletter. Well, we went from having NO newsletter at all to the Truevail monthly. Now, we have our existing clients commenting on our newsletters, and it makes a stronger connection to us. Tthe newsletter even creates actual inquiries from prospective clients that have turned into a business relationship.

When Truevail announced the social media package, we knew about the positive feedback of the website and newsletter from friends, family and clients, so we had to learn more. We were doing social media prior to Truevail, but it was very sporadic, and at times, idle and for the most part. When we managed a post or two, it was time-consuming. Now, we are “all in” with Truevail and love seeing new posts, newsletters and the audience engagement.

Caroline and Tony L.

Owners, Labbe Travel

Affiliate, Travel Experts

Truevail has helped me keep in touch with my client base in a way that is meaningful and authentic. This service has also freed up time for me to focus on running my business, versus creating content, which has taken a huge weight off my shoulders. The price point is also significantly less than what I was paying hourly for my assistant to do the same thing. That has been particularly helpful during the pandemic, when business has been slow.

Katie W.

Founder, Lucid Routes

I use the Truevail newsletter and social media scheduling. These services have turned me from a home-based IC to a legitimate travel business owner. All without any heavy lifting on my part! This is important as I'm a single mom with an at-home business and zero free time to spend on marketing. I know I'm not alone in this predicament.The time required to grow my business just does not exist, and Truevail does it for me. The fees incurred are nominal in relation to the benefits provided from Truevail. I highly recommend and do so often to my travel colleagues.

Josie S.

Affiliate, SmartFlyer

I am so thankful for Truevail. You guys have truly solved my need for communication with my clients. The newsletter almost always results in new calls from clients. I am so thankful that I don’t have to write the copy for these. The social media posts are amazing as well. I have comments often about how amazing the content is on my social posts. Thank you for these amazing services! It truly fills a need for me!

Emily W.

Founder, We Travel Lux

Affiliate, Travel Experts

I’ve really enjoyed the responses I’ve gotten to the newsletters. I have a few clients that routinely respond with a “thank you” for the great content, and it prompts them to remember me and reach out.

This is exactly what I had wanted to accomplish, and I’m thankful to have this monthly opportunity to remind them that I’m still here and to bring them some value, even while they’re not traveling. I love the convenience of not having to do anything to make this happen! Still hoping to get started with you on the social media content. I haven’t forgotten, and I’m sure it will also be a great addition.

Sharon B.

Associate Advisor, Valerie Wilson Travel

When I first started my business, I was keen on finding a company to help me design and host my website. At the time, I was using a platform where human communication was non-existent, and I found this to be extremely frustrating and not beneficial.

I discovered Anthony Cifelli through a Travel Summit. After listening to him describe what Truevail provides for its members, I immediately scheduled a call. Our meeting lasted about 45 minutes, and I was convinced that Truevail had a vision no other company was offering. I signed up immediately.

My website has been up and running for 5 months now. The support team has been phenomenal;, answering questions, offering guidance, responding to recommendations and requests in a timely manner.

I was searching for a company that communicates, and is responsive to phone calls and emails. With Anthony and the Truevail support team, my experience has been exceptional.

I receive a constant stream of new signups. The content they produce with the monthly newsletters touches on the current situation within the travel industry. My clients are informed with up-to-date information, points of interests, destinations, and safety while traveling, and the best part, I don't have to figure out the content. Being a Truevail Member is one of the best decisions I made for my business, and I look forward to a continued relationship.

Brenda O.

Owner, Sunray Travel