Newsletter Personalization and Client Database

Before filling out the form, please review the database and form requirements Below.

Accepted Client Database File Types
We accept .csv, .xls, and .xlsx. 

Field Types
All we need to get started is an email field, but you may add as many fields as you want such as First Name, Last Name, Phone etc. The additional fields will help you read your Truevail Reports easier.
Sample Database File Download

Multiple Database Uploads
Multiple lists/databases can be added to the uploader. If your lists have duplicates between them that's okay, we'll automatically clean your lists after submission.

Need Help?
Have any questions or need help? Contact Truevail Support.

What is the name brand name you’re doing business as?
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Allowed file types: .csv, .xls, .xlsx
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 5 files.
Upload multiple photos to have Truevail select the one that we think works best.
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We will curate our newsletter to fit your specific voice.
Is there anything about your submission that we should be aware of? Is there an important aspect of your company that is not being represented on the form? Do you have a special request, or any questions about the form in general?
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