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Everything a travel advisor needs to get started on their journey to marketing freedom.

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Branded and Automated E-Newsletter Campaign 1x per Month

Hosted, Branded and Personalized Single Page Website w/ Lead Capture

E-Newsletter Campaign Reporting 1x per Month

Lead Engagement Reporting 1x per Quarter

Access to members only Educational and Marketing Materials

Up to 999 Contacts: Additional fee of $10/mo per additional 1000 Contacts 

Additional Monthly Contact Fee Pricing

0 - 999 

1000 - 1999

2000 - 2999

3000 - 3999

4000 - 4999

5000 and above

+ $0/mo

+ $10/mo

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+ $40/mo

Call for Pricing

Additional monthly contact fees are prorated and not charged until your first newsletter is sent. 

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Truevail is currently invite only. We are committed to delivering the best possible service for our members and currently that means limiting the amount of memberships available. We are adding new memberships weekly so join our waitlist to begin your journey to effortless marketing.

Looking for More?

We're starting out with just the essentials. We are working towards becoming a full service marketing agency for travel advisors, and plan to offer so much more in the future!

Future membership levels will Include:

Customized Website Pages

Additional Website Add-ons and Functionality

Additional Website Themes

Weekly/Bi-Weekly E-Newsletter Campaigns 

Customized E-Newsletter Content

Pre-Made Social Media Content + Social Media Management

SEO + Online Advertising

1-on-1 Travel Advisor Coaching


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