Kristin Chambers

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Kristin Chambers

What You'll Learn in This Session

Through her modern-day luxury travel consultancy D.A. Luxury Travel (launched in 2006), Kristin and her team cater to discerning vacationers who don’t just want to take trips – they want to experience travel. In 2016, Chambers wanted to create a space in which seasoned and emerging travel advisors could evolve the industry together. And so TRAVELLUSTRE was born, a full-service travel agency that oversees a highly regarded Boston-based portfolio of fellow luxury travel consultants. Here are a few of our key takeaways in this session with Kristin Chambers.

  • What goes into being an agency owner?
  • Creating success during COVID.
  • TRAVELLUSTRE vs. D.A. Luxury Travel
  • Importance of "Picking a major" starting out.
  • Transitioning to the travel advisor industry.
  • The importance of mentoring.
  • The evolution and challenges of the travel industry. 
  • Why it's important to create a built-in network. 
  • Marketing Misconceptions
  • Mindset: Run your Business Like a Business
  • What the luxury traveler wants.
  • Communication and transparency.
  • Filling the Gap/Need for Training 
  • Content marketing with a niche focus.
  • The future of TRAVELLUSTRE.
Kristin Chambers


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